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  •  International Certification
    The products have passed ISO9001-2008 quality system and ISO14001-2004 environmental system. American UL safety certification. International SGS environmental certification and Reach regulations pre-registration, and meet the requirements of the EU ROHS directive.
  •  Complete Variety
    It mainly produces various injection molding and compression molding phenolic molding compounds (bakelite powder, bakelite powder), and can customize various glass fiber materials, color powders, insulating, flame-retardant and temperature-resistant materials.

  •  High Quality and Low Price
    Select branded raw material suppliers to control quality from the source. A full set of imported testing equipment and a capable quality inspection technical team. To ensure the quality of finished products, we will serve new and old customers wholeheartedly.

  •  Quality Assurance
    The product has undergone high temperature, high pressure, high resistance, insulation, and high impact resistance tests to ensure that the product has a large capacity.

  • In 2020 10000+ Customers Choose Us

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    Integrated customized production process

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    Sincere cooperation to create a better future

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    More than 20 yearsIndustry Experience

    The main company was established in 2001, a comprehensive enterprise specializing in production, sales and service
    Mainly produce all kinds of injection molding and compression molding phenolic molding compounds (bakelite powder, bakelite powder)

    StrongProduction Strength

    With an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of phenolic molding compounds, it is the "vanguard" in the national professional production of phenolic molding compounds.
    The production technicians are experienced, 90% have more than 3 years of production experience, to ensure the stability of the batch
    Equipped with an integrated process of mold production and product production
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    ProductsExported Overseas

    Annual sales of 15,000 tons of phenolic molding compounds
    Products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries with our site, and are widely praised by customers all over the world

    Integrated ServicesIntegrated Enterprise

    Phenolic molding compound production
    Mold development
    Product processing
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    About Us

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    Specializing in the production of various injection molding, molding phenolic molding plastics 20 years

    Ningbo Fengju Plastify Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is a comprehensive enterprise which produces bakelite powder, mould and substitute processing products. The company has a series of perfect equipment and services. We are specialized in the production of phenolic molding compounds (bakelite powder, bakelite powder) including various color materials, heat-resistant, flame-retardant and high impact glass fiber skeleton. Our products have passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system and ISO14001-2004 environmental system, UL safety certification, international SGS environmental protection certification and reach regulation pre registration, and meet the requirements of European ROHS directive.

    The company since its inception, adhere to the integrity, quality, service as the first, deeply loved by the majority of customers and trust! How to create value for customers and make them comfortable is the direction we have been striving for!

    In today's competitive industry, the key is to choose a product that can synchronize its own innovation and lead and break through the market!

    Workshop, Warehouse, Office

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    Ningbo Fengju Plastify Co., Ltd
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